Dog-Eared Review: Flashes of Light on a Dark and Stormy Night

melanie_headshotBy Melanie Tighe –

This month’s review is on a special book brought to you by the writing group at Dog-Eared Pages bookstore. Flashes of Light on a Dark and Stormy Night offers a titillating taste of works by six different authors: Rita Ackerman, Thad Coons, Kat Emmons, Charles L.M. Plumb, Anna Questerly and Michele Venne. Kindle_Flash_FC

For those of you unfamiliar with Flash Fiction, it’s shorter than a short story ranging from about 55 to 1000 words. Ernest Hemingway gave the best example with his famous six-word story: For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn.

For those of you with little time to read, Flashes of Light on a Dark and Stormy Night, may be the perfect book for you!

Melanie Tighe, with Dog-Eared Pages bookstore in North Phoenix, enjoys reviewing books by local authors. This book and many more by talented Arizona authors are available at Dog-Eared Pages (just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street.) 


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