Male Call: Serial Adventure


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By James Roberts

Among the most current and popular dating clichés which gets our dander up (which is mostly wishful thinking these days) is the concept of “serial dating” – as in “No serial daters!”

According to everything I’ve ever heard, the word “serial” should mean: “something that takes place at regular intervals” or “occurring in a series rather than simultaneously.”

Sounds pretty innocent. In fact, it sounds like an idea we could all get behind.

However, it seems the ladies have hijacked the term to mean…well, we had no idea!

The Male Call Advisory Board™ actually queried several gents and not a one had a clue, except we know that women are against it.

This led us to consult a number of women’s magazine websites such as Glamour, allwomenstalk, Huffpost, HerCampus, Oprah’s O Magazine and Fieldwork in Stilettos (see what I have to read for you people?), all of which discuss the concept in detail.

In fact, we found references going back as far as 2007 on Yahoo but the term seems to have really taken off c. 2011-2012.

The aforementioned Stilettos site defines it as “a person who has a large number of short term romantic, physical or sexual relationships, but seems unable to commit or remain in a romantic relationship for any length of time.”

From our review of the, ahem, literature, it’s clear that a serial dater is not to be confused with the “player” who apparently belongs only one Dante’s Level of Hell above “sociopath.”

Other descriptions of the serial dater include “like a kid in a candy store” and “emotional polygamist.”

Turns out there’s also something called  a “serial monogamist,” which, like our dater, sounds pretty innocent and darn-near uplifting in this day of double-dip dating. Alas, the serial monogamist doesn’t fare much better. The kindest definition we could find was “always wants to be in a relationship.”

May we offer a kindly holiday season suggestion before we have our eggnog?

How about we use the season to clean out our closet of dating cliches like “big heart,” “no drama,” “Midwest values,” “last first date,” “friends first” and the death-defying “love to laugh?”

We’ll have that eggnog now…easy on the nutmeg.

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