Take The Fight Out Of Your Estate

9-29-12 (2)– By Libby Banks

My first exposure to estate planning was in the big fights over estates. Clients hired me to sort out the gigantic mess left by their newly departed loved one, or to fight for a share of the estate when a sibling was taking undue advantage of his position as executor of the estate. Working on these cases broke my heart. Time after time, I heard a client say they would never speak to their sister or brother again, or lament that dealing with the estate was breaking up the family.

That’s why I began doing estate planning – to help clients avoid those disasters and the family fights. It’s easy to put together a proper estate plan in my office. The cost of the estate plan in time and money is far, far less than the cost of a probate or a fight over an unplanned estate. But more important than money, putting the right plan in place can avoid the heartbreak and disintegration of your family that often goes with cleaning up the mess you left behind.

To learn more about putting a proper estate plan in place, call our office for your free initial consultation, or attend one of my free seminars. I conduct Estate Planning seminars periodically at Stone Creek Golf Club. Check my website for information and registration. http://libbybanks.com/event.php or email Libby@libbybanks.com.

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