Celebrating Five Years Of Nerdery At Annual PBS Nerd Walk

Nerd Walk - 2013Arizona PBS invites all nerds, super fans and education enthusiasts to show off their spirit at the fifth annual PBS Nerd Walk November 14 at the Arizona State University Homecoming Block Party in Tempe.

Arizona PBS hosted the inaugural Nerd Walk in 2011, and now the tradition has spread across the country from New York to California. The PBS Nerd Walk is a cultural experience that celebrates individuality and all brands of nerdery from education fanatics, to culinary wunderkinds to science geeks – there is a “nerd-dom” for everyone. The PBS Nerd Walk encourages self-proclaimed nerds to join the community on a march through downtown Tempe to showcase their PBS Nerd pride.

“When you’re excited about something, you want to share it with everyone you meet, and that’s always been the idea behind the PBS Nerd Walk – bringing people together to share their enthusiasm and their knowledge in all forms,” says Bob Beard, promotions and events coordinator and “Nerd-in-Chief” at Arizona PBS. “Whether it’s ethnobotany, theoretical physics or stamp collecting, everyone’s a nerd for something, and that diversity and passion is worth supporting.”

Those who register online before the event will receive a special edition PBS Nerd t-shirt to wear during the parade. Participants will “paint the town” gold and have their finest PBS cosplay on display as they storm the streets of Tempe in celebration of their unique fandoms. The PBS Nerd Walk is family-friendly and offers children and adults an opportunity to embrace who they are and meet others with similar interests.

To register for the PBS Nerd Walk and reserve a special edition PBS Nerd T-shirt, visit www.azpbs.org/nerd.


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