Professional Acting Academy Opening In Phoenix

Clapboard Wendy

Wendy Alane Wright

LA Acting Academy (LAAA) will open its doors in Phoenix Friday, November 6, to provide top- notch professional training in film, television, and commercials for kids, teens and adults.  LAAA will be offering on-camera classes, scene study, improvisation, audition techniques, voice, cold reading and parent workshops.

Hollywood talent manager Wendy Alane Wright and Maja Sovek, Phoenix entrepreneur and mother of a talented young actress, are offering actors in the tri-state the kind of professional acting education has until now only been available in Los Angeles.

“There is a wealth of talent in Arizona, Utah and Nevada – we want them to be competitive with Los Angeles trained actors, and to be able to win the roles,” says Sovek.

Co-founder Wright is an author and Hollywood talent manager with WAW Entertainment. Her clients have appeared in numerous national commercials, movies, webisodes, commercials, short films and on television networks.

“I am committed to giving talented kids the best training possible and introducing them to legit talent agents, mangers and casting director through our quarterly Industry Showcases. Parents have so much to learn about this business and LA Acting Academy will be the place parents can come to for straight facts and honest information about getting their kids started in the business,” explains Wright.

For more than 25 years, Dawn Jeffory-Nelson, has been one of the top on-set and private acting coaches in Hollywood. She will serve as the LA Acting Academy’s Artist in Residence, teaching many of its classes.

“I love being back here in Phoenix. I consider myself a home girl who made good:  I began my acting career right here in Phoenix, where I earned my SAG union membership by being cast in The Red Badge of Courage,” says Jeffory-Nelson.

For more information, call 480.559.4372 or visit



  1. Young actors beware. Wendy is one of those people who pretends to be the actors best friend but is anything but! She writes self-published books based on her “experience” as a manager but she represents kids who are mostly nobodies who do crappy non-union jobs that pay nothing. She uses that “manager” title to sell books and seminars. My friend was represented by her and when he asked her about why he wasn’t getting any auditions she went off on him in a public forum, shaming him in front of thousands. She’s a loose cannon who has alienated everyone in Hollywood, she was kicked off the breakdowns for abusing her privileges, nobody likes her and now she’s trying to pull the same bull in AZ and pretending she’s born-again.

    Beware. Do a Google search. Do NOT give her your money!!

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