Free Pre-Auction Antique Assessment Program Offered

J. Levine Auction & Appraisal will host a free series of “Antiques On-The-Go Show” appraisal events taking place every other month starting Wednesday, August 19, from 10am-4pm. A pre-auction verbal assessment of antiques, heirlooms and other items will be provided in an open room format for everyone to see and learn about the items. The limit is three items per person per session. While the events are free, reservations are requested.

Josh Levine, J. Levine owner and auctioneer, said it is best to bring in items as they were found. “Never use chemicals to clean antiques,” he says. “It’s better not to clean it all as sometimes cleaning can harm the item and bring down the value.”

It is also helpful to organize and bring in any provenance, or a record of ownership, with items, such as original receipts or documents showing where items originated, past owners, past repairs and other important information. “Not only does provenance help to authenticate items, it can make a huge difference in assessing value,” he says.

Finally, if items are too large to bring to the appraisal event, bringing photos is fine. “We can give a general estimate of value based on a photo and other details about the item, but we prefer to see it in person so we can examine its condition,” he says.

Unlike an estate tag sale, where items may be priced lower than fair market value, J. Levine’s auctions reveal the true market value at that time as bidders from all over the world bid online, via phone and at the auction house. The upscale auction house conducts estate auctions every Thursday beginning at 11am.

“We cater to distinguished collectors who seek a variety of vintage items, rare antiques and coveted collectibles,” Levine says. “Our high-end auctions feature decorative and fine art, coins, heirloom jewelry, watches, toys, ephemera, furniture, crystal, porcelain, Orientalia, musical instruments, sports memorabilia, notable firearms, vintage clothing and accessories and more.”

The Antiques On-The-Go Show will also be held Wednesday, October 21.

J. Levine Auction & Appraisal is located at 10345 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale on the southeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard. For information, visit or call 480.496.2212.

Photo: Garrett Hoyer examines ceramic piece.



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