Saguaro Sabercats Baseball Wrap Up Regular Season

– By Taylor Bahrijczuk 

The Saguaro Sabercats Varsity baseball team played at Tempe Wednesday, April 29, and came out on top at against the Buffaloes, with a winning score of 12-1.

Saguaro remained exceptionally strong during the first inning and managed to have a tight grip on this approach throughout the rest of the game. However, the ‘rest of the game’ concluded at after the fifth inning as a result of the 10 run rule.

Tempe appeared to be distracted and scatter brained. The Buffaloes seemed negligent in technique during today’s game, which was noticeable in both the infield and outfield as catches were dropped and grounders were missed.

“We hit the ball pretty well, even the sophomores and freshmen who came in when we took our starters out,” senior Tyler Jones said. “Our pitchers did exactly what we needed them to do and worked efficiently. Hopefully we can carry it all into the playoffs and make a run at a state title.”

“Our pitching was lights out and our hitting was just as good, if not better,” Hudson Gurka said, a player who pitched during Wednesday’s game.

Coach Joe Muecke had predicted even before the game had started that it should have ended up being fairly one sided with Saguaro clearly having the upper hand. In this case, his prediction was spot-on.

This was a game against the Saguaro Sabercats, a top #16 ranked program, and the Tempe Buffaloes, a #74 ranked program in Division II. Saguaro has also had a strong history with Tempe, with a record of having won the last nine games they’ve played against one another.

Muecke commented on how the end of the season translates to how the team plays. It’s relevant that there is an expected excitement about the end of a baseball season.

“This time of year, every team likes to play spoiler and finish the season on the best note possible,” Muecke said. “It is what makes baseball exciting from start to finish, especially down the stretch is every game matters, even after you have played 17 of them.”

Regardless of how many games have been played throughout the season, it’s still important to power through and to fight for what is sought.

“The Sabercats aren’t resting on just making the playoffs, we are fighting for position in the playoff bracket, and a win can hopefully keep us in the #16 spot to host a game,” Muecke said before today’s game.

“Our mentality was the playoffs started last Monday, and big wins versus Queen Creek and Arcadia have enhanced that focus,” he said.

Gurka commented on the team’s expectations heading into the playoffs.

“We worked harder than any other team this year and you’re going to see it pay off in playoffs,” he said. “We have a lot of talent and we aren’t going to roll over for anyone. That’s the mentality of every one of us.”

Jones also had a say in the team’s journey to playoffs.

“If we play the type of baseball we’re capable of playing, nobody can beat us,” Jones said. “It’s really that simple.”

“The biggest obstacle any team faces is their own mentality as a collective unit,” he said. “But with the rapport we have on this team and how much we’ve all bought into the process, I think we’re a very formidable opponent for any team in the state. That’s the most important thing for us to focus on in order to have the success we all want so badly to have.”

Taylor Bahrijczuk is a student at the Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Reach the reporter at

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