Time Moves Us – Or Do We Move Time?


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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

Spring came and went, yesterday. Summer is heading in our direction. So far this year we have seen football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer and hockey in the space of just a few months. Here it comes, there it goes.

Time moves us, or do we move time?

Many of us are so caught up in activities, classes, programs and other projects that our heads spin. We run from place to place, from one responsibility to another, from here to there and back again! Whew! There never seems to be enough time.

For others, who are not able to similarly participate, time and life drags, lingers, pulls the strength from them. Activity may not be a choice- due to maladies, illness, disability or no desire to ‘go into the public’.

We can help.

Those of us who are active, need to take heed of our brothers and sisters who do need us to come around every now and again- to say a cheery hello, to bring a cupcake or offer a lollipop.

We who are able must respond to the silent members of our communities who either cannot or do not reach out into the world. Let’s take a hand, make a visit, deliver a card or a letter. What a good feeling to brighten one of their hours, or maybe a day.

We read about Big Brothers/Big Sisters who take young children under their wings. Why not do the same for folks who lack a family here, who would relish a visit, a phone call, a flower?

The time used in this sort of involvement will certainly slow us down, will certainly take away from the ‘me’ time we often claim to want or need. But the time to slow down and say ‘hello’ is time well spent.

It will slow us down. It also can electrify the lives of those we touch. Remember: don’t let time move you, move it – use it to good purpose and feel good!

Happy almost Summer!


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