Final Weekend For Arizona Theatre’s ROMEO AND JULIET

Arizona Theatre Company’s (ATC) current production of Romeo and Juliet is served up with a bit of fun and plenty of brio, with a hip, 60s Italian vibe that reflects the youth and effervescence of the play’s namesake couple. Under the direction of Kristen Brandt, this timeless tale is brought to life by David Lee Cuthbert’s staging design, Kish Finnegan’s spot-on costuming and the pitch-perfect music and soundscape of Michael Roth.

Chelsea Kurtz (Juliet) and Paul David Story (Romeo) bring a beautifully tragic sense of optimism and youthful passion to the title roles. Richard Baird (Mercutio / Friar Lawrence) and Leslie Law (Nurse / Prince) are at turns delightfully comic (a welcome distraction to the tragedy that we know is just around the corner) and deadly serious. While Kathryn Tkel offers a welcome, fresh take on the would-be peace keeper Benvolio.

Romeo and Juliet runs through April 12.

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Photos by Tim Fuller

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