God Is Always the Same…We Can Set Our Sights On Him

Pastor Paul Witkop

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By Paul Witkop –

I have three brothers. They all visited me on Waste Management Open week to celebrate one of their birthdays, so we decided to go to the Open on Thursday. It was a beautiful day, for sure. There were 118,000 people there – the biggest Thursday ever, exceeding the record by 30,000. It took a long time to park, but we did. We rode the bus to the front gate. Then we had fun following around Tiger and Bubba and several other golfers. When we had enough, we went to back to the front gate, only to discover that the waiting line was about one-and-a-half hours to wait for the bus to take us back to the parking lot. One of the attendants suggested that we just walk back—we could probably be there in 20 minutes. So we did! We knew that we were parked in section “H” and we had marked our spot by siting a building just on the other side of the utility road. We walked and walked and walked some more – and sure enough, in about 15 minutes, we found section H. So now, we needed to look for the building. Section H was very big—and there were lots of cars. So we walked and walked and walked along the utility road, looking for the building that would identify our parking spot. We walked another 15 minutes and then another 15 minutes…and still could not find the building that marked where our car was. We were now very frustrated because we knew we were close. Where was that elusive building? Finally, we saw a parking attendant. We described to him the landmark we had chosen that morning because we thought was too big to lose.

“Oh, that building,” he said. “We tore it down and hauled it away early this afternoon.”

We had done our best. We had a fool-proof strategy to keep us from getting lost, or so we thought.

  • That building will always be there.
  • It will never move.
  • But it did move… and we might be still out there looking today, if we had not consulted that attendant.
  • It was not the permanent, never changing landmark that we thought it was.

Our own understanding can get us hurt in our decisions…if we are not careful. Many of us have set our compass on our growing retirement accounts, on the reliability of friends and family members, on maintaining excellent health or on living to be 95.

The truth can be full of surprises, some of which can be very difficult to believe or to accept. I spoke with a man whose wife had just left him to file for divorce and to go live with another man. He told me that he was holding onto life with a “white knuckle” grip, but the discouragement was becoming more than he could bear. Another person confessed discouragement because his company was going out of business. Still another mom and dad are struggling with a son who is taking drugs.

There are happy times in this life and there are difficult times. None of us will escape difficult times. When the Jesus’ disciples discovered that Jesus had been put to death on a cross, they were deeply discouraged and defeated. They had followed his leading for three years and they were sure that he was the one in whom they could put their trust. He was the one who was immovable. But now he was dead.

You might be discouraged because the people you had once counted on have failed you. You could be pleading with God that he would immediately change your circumstances. But God has his perfect timing and his perfect direction. We cannot and do not want to change it. It is perfect. What we do know is that Jesus promised that the same power that brought back him from the dead is available to us. He is our landmark that will never move. May you trust in his unchanging love, forgiveness and guidance. May you be encouraged that, with Christ, all things are possible.

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