Dog-Eared Review: Like Father, Like Son by Bill Lamperes

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By Melanie Tighe –Bill Lamperes

I truly enjoyed Bill Lamperes’ newest release. Like Father, Like Son is a fast-paced treasure hunt, which held my interest all the way to the end.

Paul is not amused to learn that his inheritance from his estranged father consists of a bag of old coins, a piece of the Berlin wall, passports from different countries and a recipe for zombie paste. He’s even less thrilled to find out the only way only get the rest of his sizable inheritance is to discover what these bizarre things had to do with his father: a father who never had much to do with his son.

I recommend Like Father, Like Son to anyone who enjoyed James Garner in the movie, The Ultimate Gift. Although this book is a completely different story, Lamperes engagingly guides the reader on a mysterious, world-wide adventure filled with unexpected twists, turns and traps in the same way the movie did.

Melanie Tighe, with Dog-Eared Pages bookstore in North Phoenix, enjoys reviewing books by local authors. This book and many more by talented Arizona authors are available at Dog-Eared Pages (just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street.)

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