CCUSD Receives Magna Award


Photo by Vickilyn Hussey

The Cave Creek Unified School District has received a first place Magna Award, which recognizes school districts and their leaders taking bold and innovative steps to improve the lives of students and communities. The winners of the 21st annual Magna Awards were honored at National School Boards Association’s 75th Annual Conference, held March 21-23 in Nashville, Tennessee.

“In a time when public schools are under attack, we are pleased to showcase schools and their leaders who are dedicated to innovation and excellence,” says Thomas J. Gentzel, executive director of NSBA. “The winning programs are proof that public education is leading the way to advance student achievement.”

A panel of judges selected Cactus Shadows High School’s program, Team Falcon – Vocational Success for Students with Disabilities, as one of five 2015 Magna Awards first place winners in the 5,000 to 20,000 enrollment category. Cactus Shadows High School students with disabilities have been working in innovative training sites throughout the district. These jobs afford students a chance to experience career options and an opportunity to work alongside District staff to foster mentorship and skill training. Team Falcon students work in the Copy Center, Nutritional Services, Transportation, Facilities, Preschool, Landscaping and Technology. Team Falcon has supported students in acquiring 21st century skills – particularly communication and collaboration. Most importantly, their work experience in the District translates to success in employment after high school.

District Superintendent Dr. Debbi Burdick congratulated directors, Janet Holt, John Muir and Bruce McWhorter for their national recognition of the 2015 Magna Award.

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