The Ticking Clock


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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –


We call time out. We have time to go. We have time in. We have lots of time. We run out of time.


For each of us, the day contains 24-hours. It’s the same for everyone, every day. No more, no less. Time passes at the same fluid speed all the time. Why then, do some days seem to have more time, or so little time?

Consider: it’s not time that is the challenge, it’s how we choose to use time that matters. When we are active and involved, with many positive things to do…time flies by. When we are unfocussed and merely living in time, drifting, time seems to drag on forever.

Life is made up of time-slots. We can leave them empty, or we can fill them with positives. How many people always have time for you; time to listen and support you? Those are the people you should be associating with, working with, becoming involved with, because they know how to manage their time.

Those who would say they don’t have time for you, may be honest in their assessment. Because they are so consumed with themselves, they feel they don’t have time for other things, or other people.

Each day contains 24-hours, and every day ticks away those 24-hours no matter how we use them. Each passing second moves us closer to our final second.

New parents will tell you that they have no time to do anything but take care of the baby; always something that takes time. Older adults may tell you their days drag on and on, without end.

Turn the clock over and time becomes an ally. Set a schedule. Plan a project. Organize the day. When we take the time to make time, we will find that there is more of it. Fewer time-slots are left unused, more can be accomplished when we control our time. We can energize ourselves by time-management, by assuring there is time for all that we want to do.

And that is the crux of the discussion of…time. Knowing how we want to use our time and for what. How we plan our schedules, what we do, and how and where we live our lives. All those should compel us to use time wisely and well.

There will always be 60-seconds in the minute, and 60-minutes to the hour. Looking to accomplish – to appropriately fill each second, minute and hour of every day – motivates us toward success. And success is a very personal way to conquer time. Making time your ally will create the place where your life flourishes and your accomplishments grow.

Time…is more than the name of an old magazine.

Time…is the universe that surrounds us, and can push us to succeed.


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