Ask Mr. Modem: SD Card vs Thumb Drive vs External HD

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Q. I’m dithering between purchasing an SD card and a thumb drive for the storage of photos and documents. Is one better than the other or should I get an external hard drive?
A. SD cards and thumb drives use the same technology. A thumb or flash drive plugs into a USB port and is easily removed so you can take it with you. Its small size also makes it easy to misplace so if your life is lacking drama and you enjoy a good adrenaline surge periodically, thumb drives are the way to go.
In your situation, you can’t go wrong with either option. I have external drives, which have served me well, but in recent years I have gravitated more towards flash or thumb drives simply because of their size and convenience.

Q. Is there a way to set a default font style and size in Gmail?

A. To change the default font, log into Gmail then go to Settings (the little gear icon to the far right). Locate the Default Text Style section on the General tab. Choose your text style using the icons above, “This is what your body text will look like.” Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Q. Someone is using my email address to sign up for various mailing lists, seminars, meetings and other things. Aren’t there laws against this? What can I do to prevent it?

A. While there are federal and state laws against email “spoofing” and other forms of misleading or deceptive online practices, the problem is tracking down and prosecuting the perpetrators. And that just doesn’t happen.
In most cases of this type, automated scripts harvest email addresses from legitimate sources such as websites, message boards, blogs, social media and those dreadful “chain” emails so many people feel compelled to forward to others.
Don’t attempt to unsubscribe from messages that are not from legitimate senders. That type of Unsubscribe link is designed to trick you into verifying your address so it can then be sold to other spammers at a premium. (Of all the nerve!)
I recommend having a minimum of two email addresses, one being your primary address that you use to communicate with friends, family and other trusted individuals, and another address that you use for all other purposes, including making online purchases and registrations. I prefer free Gmail accounts for this purpose, but Yahoo! Mail is also an excellent choice.

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