Whoa! Stop! Breathe! Quiet!


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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

Zoom! Bump! Sorry, excuse me! Watch out! Walk faster! Horns blaring, lights flashing, jostling and noise. Pay less here, no there! Holiday music 24/7 in stores, on the radio! Looking for bargains; buy for the kids, for the parents, the neighbors! Tinsel, mistletoe, menorahs; parties, shopping…exhaustion!

Whoa! Stop! Breathe!

Our newest year is finally here. We hope to have quiet, soothing sounds, peace.

While we review what has just passed by, maybe a moment of quiet, deep-breathing can help calm our frazzled nerves, pounding heads and sore feet.

A full year has passed … reflect on deeds done, promises not fulfilled, completed and failed tasks. So much has happened … to us, to the community, to our planet.

Take a moment to calm down, from the rush and busy-ness of the year-end. See what’s upcoming and important.

Family, friends, health, quiet.

Happy 2015.

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