A Peaceful, Happy Life Is Simply A State Of Mind

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By Bonnie Moehle –

Happiness and well-being are simply a state of mind.  If you want to change your life’s experiences, you can.  But to do it, you have to change the way you think.  We are taught that it is the people and situations in our lives that bring us our joy or unhappiness. We use jobs, relationships, material possessions and validation from others to achieve our feelings of success or lack.  These things do not bring us happiness or unhappiness.  It is our thoughts and reactions that dictate our level of happiness.

Observe your thoughts.  Have you ever observed two people reacting in completely different ways over the same situation?  What you are observing is how their thoughts and reactions create a different reality for each.  When you change your thoughts, you change your reality.  The mind believes that reality is whatever is imagined vividly and repeatedly.  Whatever you tell your mind over and over creates your behaviors, perceptions and experiences.  By observing and retraining your thinking you can release old patterns of stress, anger and illness, replacing them with peace, success and well-being.  Watch and alter your thoughts, inspiring new behaviors and perceptions and creating new experiences and a new reality as you change them.

Catch your reactions.  It is not the events in your life that cause your anger, stress, worry… It is thought that is creating these reactions.  Thought that you need to take things personally, that things should be different than they are, that you need to worry about your future or past.  Catch these reactions and ask yourself if they really help you or anybody else. If you get angry with the driver who cuts you off in traffic, will your anger teach him a lesson or does it just make you feel tension and stress?  If you worry about your finances, does it help to improve your situation, or does it make you feel fearful and less capable of moving forward?  Ask yourself these questions and let go of the reactions that serve no purpose.  Find a new perception and watch your experiences shift.

Align your thoughts with your desires.  Be sure that your self-talk matches your desires.  If you want to lose weight, you cannot keep thinking that you are fat.  If you would like more time, you will not get it by complaining about a lack of time.  Thoughts are like seeds.  If you plant a marigold seed you will grow a marigold.  Be sure that you are planting the seeds that match the desired experience.

Change your perceptions.  The driver who cut you off in traffic is rushing home to see his children.  The taxes at the end of the year are an indication that you were successful. Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t. The difficulties in your life are there to help you to grow.  The Chinese use the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity.  Find the opportunity and you will create a more peaceful joyful life.

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