Go Small – Go Local

Giving support to locally-owned businesses

LocalBy Kathryn M. Miller ~ It is about creating “connection to place,” prosperity and home-town pride. When Arizonans support local and independently owned businesses, more money stays and circulates in the local economy to support job creation, strong schools, services and vibrant and diverse communities, according to Local First Arizona. Studies have shown that for every $100 spent at a locally- owned business, $73 remains in the local economy, versus $43 remaining when spent at a non-locally owned business.

“When we support our small business owners by shopping and eating in Phoenix, we’re lifting our local economy,” says Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. “Putting local businesses first isn’t just good for the bottom line – it also sends the message that our residents value those who set up shop in our city.”

Residents will have two organized opportunities to show support for area small business this month. First up is the 10th Annual Certified Local Fall Festival. Local First Arizona will host the festival Saturday, November 8, from 10am-4pm at Portland Parkway in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. The festival is a free, family-friendly event for all ages and an annual celebration of all things local to Arizona. Learn more at www.localfirstaz.com/fall-festival.

On Saturday, November 29, Small Business Saturday will celebrate small, independent businesses across the country. In 2013, customers spent an estimated $5.7 billion during the annual event. Locally this year, the Artisan Markets, City of Scottsdale and Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce will celebrate the event at Scottsdale Waterfront and 5th Avenue areas from 10am-7pm with family fun, sidewalk sales, carolers, free gift wrapping, merchant discounts and more. For information, visit www.artisanmarketsaz.com, www.scottsdaleaz.gov or www.scottsdalechamber.com. |CST


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