REVIEW: Scorpius Dance Theatre’s “A Vampire Tale”

vampire-taleBy Caitlin C. Miller –

The Valley has many events to scare and delight leading up to Halloween, but none are as immortal as Scorpius Dance Theatre’s A Vampire Tale. For 11 years, Lisa Starry’s rhythmic and tantalizing story of what goes bump in the night has held audiences in its thrall. Vampire has been called the “Nutcracker of Halloween” and should be known as one of the greatest annual dance performances in Arizona. It’s more Anne Rice than Stephanie Meyer; these vampires are not your friends, and they don’t have hearts of gold. Like in Interview with the Vampire, the humor is grotesque, and the movement is decadent. Now in a larger theater, the production value has never been better. Featuring a new leading couple, spectacular new aerial pieces and original music by Kristofer Hill, A Vampire Tale is show that cannot be missed.

A Vampire Tale runs through October 11 at Phoenix Theatre. For ticket information, call 602.254.2151 or visit the event website. For information about Scorpius Dance Theatre, visit

Proceed with caution: Vampire features strobe lights, fog effects and loud music.

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