How To Be UP, When The World Seems To Be Going Down


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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

Detroit; Washington D.C.; Murrieta, Calif.; Nogales, MX; Ukraine; Crimea; Venezuela; Sierra Leone; Libya; Israel. All are familiar because of the tribulations they face. Bankruptcy, viciousness, hatred, war, plane crashes, Ebola, missiles and rockets launched recklessly, death.

Then there is the weather: draught, hurricanes, typhoons, wildfires and floods.

And personal security: jobs – or not, bullying online or in person, fraud and deception by corporations and charlatans.

How does one keep from drowning in the muck all around us? What can “little ol’ me” do to stay free of the madness and torment? Where is our Mt. Ararat (the mountain where Noah’s Ark settled after the Great Flood)?

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that “For everything there is a season, a time for every experience under heaven.” So, rather than trying to flee, we should be focusing on what there is that WE can DO to impact that experience.

Volunteering in a school, reading stories in the library, helping with a recycling effort, assisting in a hospital or nursing home, contributing to worthy causes, teaching teens about respect, working at animal shelters. So many marvelous opportunities are available to bring us up – out of the crud – into the light!

We don’t have to accept an imposition of darkness! We needn’t resign ourselves to trouble! We must not become victims!

Ours is the task to respond positively to the negatives. Ours is the obligation to make lemonade out of lemons. Ours is the duty to fight for the Good, wherever we are.

Many forecast doom; speak of gloom, and listen for boom! We have a daily opportunity to raise ourselves up, and to look through the window…for sunshine!

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