Delicatessen Celebrates 65 Years

Times Square Cheesesteak

Times Square Cheesesteak

This summer marks 65 years that Miracle Mile Delicatessen has served the Phoenix and Scottsdale markets under one family. Throughout the years, Arizonans have enjoyed the fresh and high quality pastrami, corned beef and other favorites at the New York style delicatessen.

In 1949, founder Jack Grodzinsky brought his wife and children to Arizona by way of Brooklyn, N.Y. His business search in Tucson didn’t turn up the right fit, so he took a bus to Phoenix to explore the new but growing city. He found his opportunity when he literally stepped off the bus. Across the street from the depot sat a small restaurant called Pat’s Cafe. Jack purchased the cafe with the idea to introduce foods like pastrami and corned beef to its menu. Initially, the general Phoenix market didn’t embrace these “back East” dishes and preferred the “Arizona food” on the menu like chicken-fried steak and liver and onions.

“I am elated that the Miracle Mile family is celebrating 65 Years of serving the Valley’s best New York style delicacies,” says Josh Garcia, third generation owner and vice president. “My grandfather worked very hard to establish our brand in the Valley in 1949, and I’m so thankful that our business has been embraced by the local community for more than six decades.”

Miracle Mile Delicatessen will celebrate its 65th anniversary the week of July 21-27 and the public will have an opportunity to “Win Pastrami for a Year” and to take advantage of special offers as well. For more information, call 480.588.6453 (Scottsdale) or 602.776.0992 (Phoenix), or visit


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