Dog-Eared Review: The Disillusionment of Anahera Daniels

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By Melanie Tighe –

scott (2)Arizona author JD Scott’s The Disillusionment of Anahera Daniels takes teen readers on an adventure into another realm. A domain of the terrifying hive-like Cozen, ruled by a power-mad queen. A land where Anahera discovers those she trusted are not at all who they seemed.

Secrets and legends come together and turn her world into a labyrinth of risky choices. No longer able to trust what she knows, Anahera tries to follow her heart, yet finds even that path branches into perilous forks.

When disillusionment sets in, do you dare trust again?

Melanie Tighe, with Dog-Eared Pages bookstore in North Phoenix, enjoys reviewing books by local authors. This book and many more by talented Arizona authors are available at Dog-Eared Pages (just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street.) 


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