29 Ways To Love Your Home

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By Barbara Kaplan –

Every month is “Love Your Home Month,” because, after all, loving your home is loving yourself! Here are just a few ways to love your home: 

#5 – The Pillow Trick

You’ve probably heard about the pillow trick. But sometimes it only takes one fabulous pillow to make the difference. Especially if you can match it to a piece of furniture in the room that you paint the same color.

#15 – See What You Have With Different Eyes
Change the seat at which you eat all your meals today. Look around and see your room from a different perspective. Is there anything you see that you would like to change or that you didn’t see before?

#20 – Know Yourself Before Decorating
Before you begin a decorating project, write a brief journal or answer a few questions about yourself and how you want to live. Interview yourself or have a dialogue with someone who really knows you. This is great to do with someone you live with.

#22 – Sing And Dance In Your Home
Purchase your favorite dance music and move the furniture aside to create a dance floor. Dance by yourself, with a partner or invite friends. Your home can be a source of fun and joy. Any other ideas to bring fun in?

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