Ask Mr. Modem: iPhone/iPad Printing

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Q. Is there some way I can print directly from my iPad or iPhone?

A. There are several ways to accomplish this, though I found it easiest to purchase an AirPrint printer ( AirPrint printers are wireless printers approved by Apple to work with the iPhone, iPad and other iDevices.
I use an Epson Artisan 730 printer primarily for printing photos taken with my iPad and iPhone, but it can be used for printing documents, email and other items. Photo print quality is outstanding and setup was a snap by simply following the instructions that came with the printer.
There are also third-party apps such as Printopia ( and PrintCentral ( or go to the Apple App Store and search for other apps that will enable printing to a non AirPrint printer.

Q. I just bought a new PC with Windows 8. I know this sounds crazy, but I can’t figure out how to shut it down. Help!

A. What you are experiencing is quite common for new users of Windows 8. Our old friend, the Start button, is gone (let’s share a moment of silence), so what you will need to do is mouse on over the little gadget in the lower right corner of the screen, or you can move your cursor to the upper left corner for the same result or press the Windows Key + C.
In the slide-out menu that appears, also known as the Charms bar – which begs the question: Who comes up with these names? – click Settings > Power button, then click Shut Down from the menu. In the alternative, if you press CTRL + ALT + DEL and click the Power button in the bottom right-hand corner, you will be presented with the same Shut Down option.
For users who prefer alternatives to alternatives, if you are on the Desktop, press ALT + F4 and make your choice from the Shut Down, Restart, Sign Out and Switch User options.

Mr. Modem’s Web Sites Of The Month

What Was There?
Think of this site as a virtual time machine that will enable you to see how familiar places looked before they were ravaged by the passage of time – not unlike my high school yearbook photo. By combining Google Maps with historical photos of streets, buildings and locations, you can see how the past compares with the present.

Retail Me Not
This is one of my all-time favorite money-savings sites. Before I order anything online, I check here for applicable promo codes provided by the retailer and shared by other consumers. If a promo code is found, type in the code when placing an order and obtain whatever discount is associated with the purchase. There are scores of coupon and promo code categories that include everything from Accessories to Zithers. Well, okay, ZitherTown is no longer in business, unfortunately, but the list of categories is extensive.

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  1. hi, print n share is a good printing app that i use, easy to install and no issues printing

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