21 + 1 Ways To Design Your Kitchen To Lose Weight And Live Healthier, Too!

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By Barbara Kaplan –

Now that a new year has begun and change is in the air, why not look at your kitchen in a new way, too? You may have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or you may just want to eat and live healthier. Your kitchen is an easy place to start and the design possibilities are easy to implement. Don’t take it too seriously and have fun creating your unique culinary space.

Personalize Your Kitchen For You – Create an environment that embraces you and feels good as you walk into.

Bring In Your Five Senses – Bring in music, art, aromatic candles, low calorie tastes and treats and work with utensils that feel good to your touch.

Make Aesthetics More Important Than Food – Create an environment of comfort and beauty.

Make It Easy and inviting to reach for healthy snacks and difficult to find unhealthy or fattening food for you. Out of sight, out of mind.

Decorate In Colors that you love so that your kitchen is a place where you feel good and like being in, and not necessarily focus on the food there.

Color Coordinate your kitchen so that everything matches or compliments, including what is seen and what is in your cupboards. This touch gives the kitchen a feeling of design continuity.

Coordinate Kitchen And Dining Area – Buy table and chairs with consideration to your cabinets and buy decorative dishes, flatware, serving pieces and glassware that you love and match the decor of the kitchen.

Beautifully Set Tables makes meals less about eating and more about dining.

It’s Not About The Food – Create a happy, experience that’s fun and special.

Bring In Whimsy And Fun – Encourage smiles and laughter to feel joy and happiness. Laughing burns calories.

Make Cooking The Fun. It’s not just about eating the food. Play…pretend you are a chef on a cooking show. Create an experience.

Create An Area in your kitchen that holds interesting measuring cups, utensils and scale to use for portion control. Keep them together on an attractive tray or in a box.

Don’t Use Clear Glass Containers so you are not tempted by the wrong foods. Choose unexpected/unusual containers and coordinate to your colors.

Use Lighting and Switching for separate areas and for different purposes – divide task and ambient lighting and add dimmers to create and transform mood.

No Clutter will result in eating less. Clutter overwhelms and builds anxiety.

Decorate Bowls filled with or waiting to be filled with fruits and vegetables.

Pretty Water Pitchers on counter with lemon or other vibrant fruits for flavoring and colors.

Love Your Cooking Utensils and everything you TOUCH in your kitchen.

Cook In Dim Lighting or candle light to relax as you create.

Have An Easy-To-Reach Pull-Out Shelf inside your cabinets. Make it convenient to access appliances for low calorie foods to be prepared and cooked like a juicer, steamer, wok, blender and small pots.

Scale Down Size Of Dishes and serving pieces so you will only be able to take smaller portions and not have leftovers.

Move While You Cook To Burn Calories and prevent your back and legs from stiffening, too. Everything in one spot isn’t necessarily in your best interest. Spread out if possible.

Remember, Kitchens have no feelings, YOU do!

If you have any tips on how you customized your kitchen to be a personal environment for you, let me know at barbara@babarakaplan.com and I will send you my book, Rooms Have No Feelings, YOU Do!

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