The First Of Many Firsts

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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

The first day of the New Year.

First base.

First prize.

With the arrival of winter and January, we have again reached a first. Several actually. We have the first of the year, the first of the month and maybe soon a first place (gold) at the Olympics.

When I think about it, our personal worlds are constantly made up of firsts. We have the first snowflake of the storm, with the first truly cold day of the season. The first celebration of this or that holiday or birthday. The first paycheck earned; the first bicycle ridden solo; the first car or truck; and the first love.

So many firsts, it gives one pause to think if there are any seconds.

There are. For example, second base; we may play second fiddle; we hope for delicious ‘seconds’ at Thanksgiving dinner, and sometimes place second in a marathon.

But who wants to be in second place?

Not me. Probably, not you.

Since the New Year and its newest month are upon us, we can think positively, plan accordingly and pull for first, not second. We can place our efforts into being and doing and making and growing whatever needs to be created for a first.

Football players don’t wrestle each other for 10 yards and a second down; they and we want a first down. Doesn’t always happen, but trying for second best is working for less than the top.

With the New Year we have the challenge to make it to the top of the hill. Trying to be less than first, or starting second, is not trying hard enough. We may only reach second, but it’s mandatory to reach out and to reach up to be first.

January is now a reality – our first month….maybe a model for our efforts in life.

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