What Would Jesus Do To Celebrate Christmas?

Pastor Paul Witkop

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By Paul Witkop –

Some might consider it very presumptuous to speak for Jesus on anything, especially topics he never directly addressed. However, I think that we can look at the New Testament and make some guesses.

First, would Jesus celebrate birthdays? John tells us that Jesus attended wedding celebrations. He gathered with people for banquets. He kept the Jewish festivals and worshipped faithfully. He even compared heaven to a great feast where God is the host. From these references, it is reasonable to guess that Jesus would participate in Christmas celebrations and worship services.

Second, what would Jesus do with our version of gift-giving? In Jesus’ dialogue, he often talked about giving gifts. The gifts he gave were generally not material, however. He gave the gifts of forgiveness, healing, encouragement, challenge and wisdom. One time, to his disciples’ utter dismay, he humbled himself and gave the gift of a foot-washing. He told them, I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you. (John 13:15)

The spirit of Christmas is giving. Gift exchanges are wonderful traditions. But Jesus said, Do as I have done to you. Jesus knows what has the greatest long-term impact. He asks us to give ourselves.

  • Are there elderly people in your life? Make some time to visit them. The greatest gift is the investment of your love and time.
  • Are there people who have recently moved into your neighborhood? Make a visit to get to know them. Bake or buy a plate of cookies or invite them over for dinner. If they are new, this could be a very lonely time.
  • Does your school or church or place of worship connect with a homeless shelter or even a prison? Sign up to serve a meal one night and make sure you sit down and actually talk with some of the people who are eating. Let them know you care.
  • Do you think about children who may not receive a gift this year or who may not even have food on their tables? Find a Christmas Angel Tree project. You might find one at your church, the Salvation Army, even your local mall.

The advertisements will try to convince us that the most memorable Christmas gift is the one that costs the most dollars. Don’t let them fool you! Instead, listen to the one whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, and do what you think he would do. He is the greatest giver ever.

God came to earth to tell us and to show us how much love God has for us. God also knew that the greatest gifts are in person. Let’s do the same and make this Christmas a season to remember, forever. May you place your trust this season in the greatest Christmas gift ever, Jesus.

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