Doorstep Bandits

Break-ins happening after packages left unattended

By Morgan Rath ~ Over the past several months, Cave Creek has been experiencing an increase in residential burglaries committed by people who follow UPS and FedEx trucks in order to determine if package receivers are home, according to officials. If the homeowner isn’t home, that house becomes a target. The burglars pick-up the packages after the trucks have delivered them and then knock on doors to find out if the residents are home.

“If they ring the doorbell and no one answers the door, then they know the home’s not occupied, and they will try to burglarize that home,” says Cave Creek Town Marshal Adam Stein.

With the holiday season arriving, residents need to be aware and make arrangements for packages if no one will be home. Stein says citizens should be aware and question all suspicious situations. Residents should call the information into his office at 480.488.6636 or the Maricopa County Sherriff’s office at 602.876.1742 so that they can follow-up on the lead. |CST

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