What Is Happiness And Where Can I Get Some?

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By Bonnie Moehle –

What makes happy people happy? What is it that all of us are searching for? Why does it seem so elusive? What do we have to do to get there? The answer is actually quite simple. We have to stop looking outside of ourselves and turn within.

All of the things that we think will make us happy – a bigger house, more money, accomplishing a task, taking a vacation or getting the promotion, etc. – all feel great for a while. But they are also all just temporary fixes and once the initial excitement wears off we are right back to where we started – searching for that next thing that will bring us happiness.

But, happiness (except for the temporary kind) doesn’t come from things external, nor is it about how life will be better in the future someday when…  There is nothing to seek or search for or find in order to have it, because it is already there within us.

Happiness starts with self-love; an understanding that we are already whole and complete, that there is nothing that separates us from All That Is except for our mind, which convinces us that we are limited and separate and not enough. As a result, we believe that if we do more and get more, we will find that elusive happiness we are searching for. But this is not true. More is only a band-aid, a quick fix that vanishes. Internal happiness requires a different focus – one that keeps the mind in alignment with the truth of who we are; a focus that sees the pure potentiality that is already within us; a dedicated practice of self awareness and of letting go of identification with negative self-talk. It is impossible to be happy without self-love.

Presence is key to happiness as well. Our pain is brought on by our constant mental projections into the past and future; illusions that don’t even exist at the time we are thinking about them. In the present moment, there are no problems, only what is… and when we accept what is, we are always open to receiving new ideas and possibilities. When we keep our attention on the present moment, we are tuned in to what is arising in that moment and are able to act accordingly, like an athlete in the zone. We know things we didn’t know we knew and see possibility where our minds saw none. Presence is surrender, which means a letting go of the need to know, of stress and control – freedom! And a knowing that everything we need arises in the moment we need it and therefore worry is no longer a part of our repertoire.

Seeing every situation as an opportunity is also a must when it comes to maintaining peace and happiness. When hiccups happen in our lives, rather than hating them, we need to accept them and then see what the opportunity in that situation is bringing into our day. It is our reactions and responses to life that determine the quality of our life. Each new challenge brings us an opportunity to observe, and then work through, our own responses so that we can improve our ability to stay peaceful and joyful, regardless of the people and situations around us – the uncontrollables. Happiness is a commitment to letting go of blame – for taking responsibility for the only thing we can, our own reactions, and then changing them. There is nothing better than the feeling that arises from choosing to see a crisis as an opportunity and then successfully moving through it.

What is Happiness and Where Can you Get Some? It is self-love, it s surrender and it is acceptance of every situation as an opportunity. It is not something to seek or get more of. Just look inside.


  1. Kudos, Bonnie. Very well written.

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