Ask Mr. Modem: Convert PDF Files To Word Format

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Q. Is there a way of converting a PDF file into a standard Word Document?
A. Yes, there sure is. I use the free, online PDF-to-Word converter at Simply browse to and select the PDF file you want to convert, provide your email address and the converted DOC file will be e-mailed to you. For users who need to convert Word DOC files to PDF format, it will probably come as no surprise that there is also a free Word-to-PDF converter located at

Q. How can I enlarge my Quick Launch bar buttons? I’m using Windows XP and my aging vision needs more assistance. Help!

A. We can relate – and by “we,” I am referring to my trifocals and me. You can definitely enlarge the Quick Launch buttons. In fact, you have a vast selection of sizes to choose from, ranging from Small to Large.
Once you have dithered over the choices and made a decision, right-click an empty area of the Quick Launch bar, then select View > Large Icons. The icons will instantly enlarge – to a much more reasonable size, if you ask me. You do not have to restart your computer for this change to take effect.

Q.  What is the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps?

A.  Besides the spelling (I couldn’t resist), Google Earth ( presents a phenomenal airborne view of the planet from which you can zoom in – like you’re free-falling from outer space – to an address or other selected location. If you want to see Google Earth in action without actually installing it, go to and search for “Google Earth.”
Google Maps provides road maps from which you can obtain information such as driving directions, for example. The best way to get a handle on it is to simply visit Google Maps at, and have fun exploring.

Mr. Modem’s Web Sites Of The Month

In response to my invitation in a previous column, many of you sent links to your favorite WebCams. There are so many interesting WebCams, I could easily fill an entire column with them, but there are two WebCam aggregator sites that provide links to hundreds of fascinating WebCams throughout the world. If you are a WebCam enthusiast, be sure to visit and

Enter your (or any) street address, and up pops a map of your area with a list of all neighbors and their phone numbers, if available. Helpful or overly intrusive? You be the judge. is a free genealogy service that enables families to learn about their ancestry and discover new relatives, who will undoubtedly want to borrow money or move into the spare bedroom. Caution is advised. A Basic Plan lets you add up to 100 people and offers 1GB of storage for photos, documents and videos. Plus and Pro plans, which offer additional features and storage, are available for a monthly fee.

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