Help Those In Need

AdoptAFamilyBy Jess Moran ~ The winter holidays can be a contradiction. On one hand, it’s a time of reflection and expressions of affection for loved ones. On the other, it can be a maddening rush to include everyone in an expensive gift-buying frenzy. This year, why not take a step back, rally the gang and “adopt” a family less fortunate? The Foothills Food Bank helps families in need every holiday season and hosts an Adopt-A-Family program so as to make another family’s celebrations a little fuller. Families, soccer teams, bridge clubs, church groups and other groups can help shoulder a family’s hardships by taking on their holiday shopping.

“What a lesson for our children,” says Jeanne Panhorst, co-chair of Foothills Food Bank. “Children are often so preoccupied with their own gift requests. Teaching them to put those aside and think about other children less fortunate will ultimately set their minds on living a more giving, and less selfish lifestyle.”

Donors are matched with a family in need, and get to shop for and wrap that family’s Wish List. If time is an issue, there are food bank volunteers to do the shopping with a donor’s financial contribution.
“Adopting a family can set a precedent that carries over all year long,” Panhorst adds.
To experience the blessing of being a blessing to someone else this year, please e-mail, or call Jeanne at 480.595.8584. |CST

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