Final Weekend: Lisa Starry’s A Vampire Tale

Scorpius Vampire Tale - King Vamp and The Innocent - red background med res

Photo by Ed Flores

By Caitlin Miller

Children of the night, rejoice! Lisa Starry’s A Vampire Tale is in its 10th year, and it’s darker and sexier than ever. With influences ranging from industrial to Middle Eastern to ancient Egyptian, Vampire is visually and technically stunning. It’s more of a dark carnival than a ballet, with stunning acrobatics and aerial stunts and a hysterical ringmaster they call the Strange Man.

Lisa Starry, the mastermind of this dark danse macabre, manages Scorpius Dance Theatre like a family, and the performance attests to that. The choreography calls for trust, with the artists tossing each other as though they weighed no more than spider webs. The atmosphere of the show can go from sexy to almost childlike wonder in the blink of an eye, and often the audience becomes so mesmerized (especially during the aerial silks segment at the top of Act 2) that you could literally hear a pin drop. The music is by composer Kristofer Hill, featuring Shubert and Nine Inch Nails, and makes the already captivating show even more of an escape from reality.

Vampire is truly remarkable. But don’t take my word for it. The final shows for this season are on October 18 and 19, so consider witnessing the cult dance spectacle for yourself. Leave your holy water at home. (Features adult themes and strobe lights.)

Lisa Starry’s A Vampire Tale is performed at Phoenix Theatre‘s Little Theatre, 100 East McDowell Road in Downtown Phoenix.  Contact the theatre at 602.254.2151 or For more information about Scorpius Dance Theatre, call 602.258.9511 or visit www.scorpiusdance.comshapeimage_7

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