Local Venue Makeover

Will be Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion

AmpitheaterBy Jess Moran ~ Look for upgrades at the Carefree Amphitheater in the next few years, courtesy of Sanderson Lincoln. Now called the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion, the re-vamping of this venue will be made possible by Sanderson’s $250,000 donation.

“Sanderson as a firm is very community-minded. They’re always giving back,” says Carefree Mayor David Schwan.

“We’re very excited and honored to be a part of Carefree. Every time we’ve participated in art shows and events they’ve been gracious to us,” says Rebecca Lombardo, with Sanderson Lincoln. The renovations will improve the quality of concerts, fundraisers and festivals.

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” Schwan adds. “We’re continuing to move forward and attract business to the Carefree area.”

Plans for the new pavilion include completely covering the seating area with sails to protect guests from the viser-defying sun, as well as installing lights to improve nighttime venues.  A new sound system will be installed as well.

Renovations are projected to begin in April 2014, after this year’s main event season. Look for the Pavilion’s new sign in the coming days. For information, contact the Town of Carefree at 480.488.3686 or Sanderson Lincoln at 602.375.7500. |CST

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