September Is A Mirror

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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

Loving work. Back to school. The High Holy Days. Commemorating 9/11. What do they all have in common?

When our kids return to the classrooms and the teachers to their chalkboards, they all arrive with different views, different hopes, different opportunities.

When members of the Jewish community attend worship services around the globe at the same holy times, we are admitting our failings, expressing our wrongdoings and praying in many different languages, highlighting both verbal and transcendent expressions.

When America and the world recall the tragedy and the horror that crashed into our country in September, we maintain our varying backgrounds and unique traditions, but stand together now with one understanding…grieving for the losses and the changes that will forever afflict our planet.

September is a time of changes. It draws emotions from the community. The ninth month of the year is at once joyous and solemn and heartbreaking. And each person who enters into September receives it differently, impacting each of us in special ways. But each of us is affected.

Many will recall the festive nature of their first day at school, or maybe the fear and anxiety. Those who come to synagogues for the most significant Days of Awe are touched by the beauty, the memories and the unique tone of these special days. And 9/11 pulls at the psyche and wrenches our sensibilities, forcing us to recall the moments when we learned of the terror happening in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania.

September is the beginning of Fall, the start of cooling temperatures and another opportunity to see Arizona’s “seasons.” Surely September is special and unique, for many opposing reasons.

We welcome the month with a day to celebrate the value of work, and to support good job opportunities for all. Then we ride the month on a roller-coaster fighting ups and downs, great highs and terrible lows, good memories and sad reflections. This is an emotional month – 30 days that can mirror an entire year.

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