Fashion Is An Expression Of Who We Are

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By Barbara Kaplan –

Since both home fashion and clothing fashion are what surround us on a daily basis, I thought I would look up the true essence of the word fashion. According to Webster, fashion is: the make or form of something. (How about our lives!) A distinctive or peculiar and often habitual manner or way. (What we do every day.) It also is a mode of action or operation. (How we behave.) It can also be a prevailing custom, usage or style. (How we look and feel!)

These explanations simply mean that fashion is a look that is not random but rather specific to each individual and is consistent to our taste and style. So personalize, personalize, personalize!

Everyone has a look or style they prefer and those preferences are repeated in all our fashion choices, both clothing and environmental. This is what we call image, taste and style. When someone changes their look, it’s usually a message that something is going on personally. Women often express this when getting a new hair cut or men when wearing different colors or styles of clothing. Often, this is also expressed when buying a new car or deciding to move or redecorate your home. Professional image changes, too.

As wardrobe changes, so do feelings and actions. What we wear can make the difference between feeling weak or powerful, beautiful or unattractive. Environmentally, external chaos, such as clutter, can be an indication of internal turmoil. This applies to both personal and professional appearance and settings as well.

Whether decorating our bodies or decorating our homes, the choices are connected, even if it is unconscious. We tend to like the same or similar colors, patterns, textures and finishes for both, in either warm or cool tones.

A great example of forming your own individuality happens when getting dressed in the morning. This daily practice can be everyone’s most creative time of the day. You are designing your appearance. You assemble colors, textures, patterns together and then add accessories, jewelry and shoes. You also have to pick the right undergarments to support your original creation…a creation that says, “This is who I am!”

To begin your personal image and style journey, ask yourself these questions:

  • What colors do I look best in?
  • Am I afraid of color?
  • Do I like warm or cool tones?
  • Do I like tailored or frilly styles?
  • Am I more comfortable making a design statement or blending in?
  • Is my style casual or formal?
  • Is my style simple or ornate?

The process is the same when decorating your home. Home fashion is the best opportunity to express individuality and create a happy personal environment. When entering your home it has to say, “Hello, I am your unique space. There is none other like it anywhere. I am here for you.”

Yes, fashion can do all that! It takes confidence in knowing your own distinct taste and style to express beauty and comfort with yourself. Let the world see your best and enjoy your “fashion look” everywhere in your life.

Fashion is everywhere, remember rooms and clothing have no feelings, YOU do!


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