Dog-Eared Review: Angel in the Moonlight

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By Melanie Tighe – AngelintheMoonlight_sm

Local author Marie Patrick’s Angel in the Moonlight has all of the elements that make for a great story – history, mystery and romance. Add to that it’s satisfying, twisty ending and this novel does not disappoint.

With her idyllic life shattered one night, Callie must now fulfill the promise she made to her dying mother, but the new U.S. Marshal will do everything he can to keep her safe. When the wealthy young orphan makes her own plans to find her parent’s killers, she causes the Marshal no end of worries. Yet he can’t seem to keep his mind or his hands off of her. But the danger is only beginning; with her parents’ killers still on the loose, neither the Marshal nor Callie can afford to let down their guard, but when the Angel of Justice rides through the region at midnight, terror strikes the heart of everyone – including the killers.


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