Catch Phox In Phoenix – One Night Only

Phox 1Described as an astounding blend of chamber pop and experimental electronic music, tracks by the band Phox inspire comparisons to the sounds of Kimbra, Amy Winehouse and Alt-J. The six-piece outfit recently finished a stint at the South By Southwest Festival.

About Phox: Lead singer Monica Martin croons in a soulful demeanor that contrasts with the often chaotic noise presented in the background by the expansive variety of instruments the band utilizes. Banjos, paper cups and big-band brass are fused with electronic blips and samples of hand snaps and sandpaper being lightly brushed against wood. “Slow Motion,” the lead single from Phox’s most recent release, “Confetti,” highlights the band’s creativity and accessibility. Martin lets notes and lyrics run from her mouth like a sonic waterfall — her vocals are extremely sedating. By the time the track’s clarinet solo kicks in — one of the few times in the history of music where the instrument has been used as the highlight in a pop song — listeners will already have their digits on the repeat button, ready to hear the track’s intoxicating opening line again and again. [See more of the home-town review by Dylan Dobson, 4Play Editor, on the Fourth Estate website.]

For a visual experience of the music, the band has produced a short video accompaniment for its “Confetti” album available on its website as well the band’s Youtube channel.

The band’s intriguing melodies, expert instrumentals, as well as the captivating vocals of Martin make them a band to watch out for, not only in the local scene, but nationally as well. – Dylan Dobson, 4Play Editor

{9} The Gallery presents Phox on Saturday, July 20 at 8pm. Tickets are $10 at the door, or you may buy them in advance online at Brown Paper Tickets. {9} houses ongoing shows, events and workshops and brings an open opportunity for all mediums of fine art to Grand Avenue. {9} The Gallery will have regular posted hours and will be open for business serving exotic teas and pressed coffee. {9} The Gallery  is located at 1229 Grand Avenue in Phoenix. for more information, call 602.258.0959 or visit {9} at or

For information on the band, visit

Watch the band’s single “Slow Motion” here.


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