Summer, And The Livin’ AIN’T Easy…But It Can Be

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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

“Summer, and the livin’ is easy.” That’s the lyric of the song, and the attitude of many toward the months of June, July and August.

Here in the Southwest, summer is less a state of being than a state of mind. Nobody truly enjoys 110-degrees. Few revel in the monsoons. But, we engage summer as a time to be endured, to be reluctantly accepted; and look to summer to be the precursor of the beauty of fall, winter and spring.

Life is like that too.

We suffer through the difficulties in order to elevate the good times. We cope, and attend to disasters, pain and traumas, to better enjoy the happy times to come.

The Psalmist says, “What are we, and what is the length of our days?” If we only live in the sad side of life, if we only look toward the bad stuff that happens, if we only identify with difficulties, then the world will look like that constant, blazing, hot summer.

But when we look at the length of our days as a positive, an opportunity for joy and successes, and the chance to achieve, our world comforts us as the breezes of fall, the fragrances of winter, and the opening flowers of spring.

Livin’ is NOT always easy. It’s how we grab and form it that moves us in our life, and directs how we feel. The length of our days may be short but filled with life, or tediously long and absent any joy.

My tradition teaches, U’varcharta ba-chayim, “Choose life!” Don’t let life choose you, nor push you where you don’t want to go. Take charge, live life; fill your days with positives. Then you can enjoy our summer, because you’ll be too busy to fret.




  1. Love this… I couldn’t agree more Rabbi!

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