Keys To Becoming A Great Leader

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By Bonnie Moehle –

In working with business owners over the years, I have found that the most effective leaders are those who have overcome five basic but highly important obstacles – five obstacles that make the difference between good leadership and GREAT leadership.

Those obstacles are:

1. An attachment to outcomes
2. A negative internal dialogue
3. A need to rehash/relive the past
4. A belief that worrying about the future will be helpful
5. A lack of authenticity with colleagues and team members

Each one of these obstacles has an internal source. They spring from the beliefs and thoughts of the individual leader and are then demonstrated through that leader’s focus, behaviors, reactions and communication skills. When a leader is aware of these five obstacles, and then has the tools to monitor and manage them, the result is a leader that has minimal stress and a team that is trusting, inspired, cohesive and highly productive.

Let’s focus on one of these obstacles, attachment to outcomes, which can be defined as a need to control or micromanage. Great leaders understand that control is an illusion and that an attempt to be in control creates stress, disappointment and limitation. Many leaders are bound to the misperception that an attachment to an outcome is absolutely necessary to maintain forward momentum. In reality, it leaves those leaders unable to see other (maybe better) possibilities, consider new ideas or try new methods. In addition, it robs the participants on a team of their fullest freedom and development, leaving them uninspired and nonproductive. The difficulty for so many leaders is in the fear of letting go. Great leaders understand that they will be much more effective by focusing on strengths and operating with trust and acceptance rather than control. Those are the leaders who become the catalyst who leads their team to greatness.

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