Arizona Wine Moment: Harvestfest 2010 At Sonoita Vineyards

This month’s Arizona Wine Moment was submitted by Kimberly Sisk.

One of the advertisers in your newspaper, Sonoita Vineyards, is my favorite place.  I have been a frequent visitor to Elgin wine country and there are many wonderful locations: The Village of Elgin Winery (Tombstone Rain wine) Callaghan Vineyards (Claire’s 2009) and Kief-Joshua Vineyards (they have delicious dips and will ship).

I have acquired many fun stories on wine tasting trips to Elgin country and was known by one former employee at Sonoita Vineyards as “giggles” because by the time I arrived there I was very giggly.

My favorite story is my trip to the Harvestfest 2010 at Sonoita Vineyards.  My two best girlfriends and I decided we wanted to be like Lucy in the “I Love Lucy” series where Lucy stomped grapes.  We practiced our stomping and thought carefully about our game plan.

When the day finally arrived we met at Maggie’s house.  She and I were going to do the stomping as Autumn decided she did not want to get messy.  So Autumn and I dressed Maggie up in a white t-shirt and short-short blue jeans for “dress appeal.”  We knew the group that got the most cheers would win.  It was difficult to get Maggie to allow us to continue taking another ½ inch off of the shorts each time.  But we agreed they needed to be short shorts!

We finally arrived at Sonoita Vineyards.  We signed up and drew our number.  We got number 13.  Now most people would assume that is an awful number, but not us.  My birthday is on the 13th and I love that number.  I knew then we were going to win the grape stomping contest!  We strolled around, tasted various food and wine combinations, had a glass or two of my favorites (Angel Wings and Arizona Sunset) and checked out our competition.

It was time and we watched with anticipation the groups before us.  Father and children…groups of guys and girls…older and younger…and then it was our turn. We had looked at the vat of grapes prior but it was exciting.  Now that we have the chance to get into one…we both hesitated, but knew this was our chance so we jumped in.  The music started playing and we stomped and circled and stomped and twirled and stomped and kicked.  We had the crowd cheering and getting splashed.  The master of ceremonies was not too happy because he also got a bit wet. Oops!

After all the groups went the master of ceremonies called each group up for a finally cheering and in the end the winner was announced…Group Number 13! Autumn, Maggie and I started to jump around and cheer. We were so excited.  We won $50 gift certificates each.

We decided to purchase the matching t-shirts with the saying “Zero to Naked in 1.5 bottles.” What did you expect after all the wine tasting! We proudly wore our shirts for the rest of the day.

It was the best day and we had so much fun.  This is the cheapest and best fun in Arizona! Also, Sonoita Vineyards wines are available at certain locations in Phoenix and Tucson just in case you cannot drive to Elgin right away.

Do you have a memorable story about when you discovered your favorite Arizona Wine? We’d love to hear about it! Share it with us at and let our readers savor the trip of discovery right along with you…and don’t forget the photos!

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