Dog-Eared Review: Alexander Outland

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By Melanie Tighe –

Alexander Outland, space pirate, at your service. As long as you are a beautiful, shapely female, that is – race and planetary origin irrelevant. This ne’er-do-well captain and his misfit and outcast, yet highly-skilled, crew scour the galaxy for profit and pleasure. That is until his reputation and ah…roguish ways catch up to him.alexander-outland

G.J. Koch’s Alexander Outland is a rousing space romp and one of the most fun books I’ve read in a long time. Koch’s irreverent wit shines through every line of snappy, snarky dialogue and even through old Aunt Polly’s sage, yet frequently unbidden, advice.

This fast-paced adventure will leave you winded, yet ready for more. Packed with a cast of original and totally incongruent characters that somehow, you just know, belong together. From Slinky, the gorgeous security officer, the only woman in the entire galaxy who won’t sleep with Outland and, of course, the one he really, really (Did I say really?) wants to bed; to the elderly deposed governor with his own secrets; to the probably-insane engineer who can fix or build anything, including a life-like sexpot robot for his mate. (Oh, and to help Captain Outland fly the ship, of course.)

A hero to some, a lover to many, and an outlaw occasionally – well, okay, usually – Alexander Outland is anything but boring.

Melanie Tighe of Dog-Eared Pages, just south of Bell Road on 32nd Street in North Phoenix, reviews books by local authors.

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