The Truth About Feeling Overwhelmed

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By Bonnie Moehle –

Have you ever experienced a moment where you have a realization that changes how you approach life forever? Years ago, I was sitting in an automotive shop waiting to have tires put on my car. While I sat there, I made a list of the things I needed to accomplish over the next few days. As I wrote this extensive list of tasks, my body began to feel anxious. I felt overwhelmed.

I was just beginning to understand that everything I was experiencing in my life was the direct result of my thoughts and beliefs. So, I stopped. I took a moment and observed my thinking. “I’ll never get this done,” “What if…” “This is too hard,” “I’m so busy,” “Everybody wants a piece of me,” etc. As I began to notice my own thoughts I became aware that it was not the list of tasks that was causing my feelings of anxiety, but the thoughts I was having about the list.

I was also becoming aware that whenever my body felt uncomfortable, I was getting a message from, what I now call my Internal Teacher. I understood that my Internal Teacher is my personal ally that alerts me to moments when I am stuck in thinking that doesn’t serve me. The discomfort in my body was the signal to take a look at my thoughts. I understood that once I observed my thinking, I would discover the cause of my discomfort. As I observed my thoughts, I could clearly see why I was feeling overwhelmed. Now I could make a choice. Did I want to attack my list of tasks while stuck in thinking that made it feel insurmountable, or did I want to change my thinking and carry out that same list in peace?

There are people who always seem harried and there are those who seem to be relaxed. Life seems to flow easily for them. Those that are relaxed do not have less to do. They just approach their list a little differently? First, they catch their uncomfortable thoughts and change them to thoughts such as, “I have plenty of time,” “Everything will work out perfectly,” “I will get everything done, I always do.” Secondly, they live in the moment. They perform each task fully in the moment, concentrating only on the task at hand. Their thoughts are not on what they have to do next nor are they focused on what they did earlier.

The amazing result of making these simple changes is that everything gets done effortlessly, with more clarity and more efficiency. It is hard to flow through life when you are caught up in your mind worrying about what you have to do next. So the next time you feel overwhelmed, notice how your body feels. It is telling you to observe your thinking. Notice your thoughts and change them. And then… get into the moment. You will no longer feel overwhelmed and your life will flow.


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