Fearless After Fifty: Please, Don’t Call Me A Cougar

By Maria Grazia Swan –

I find the word cougar misleading and demeaning when used to define women in a relationship with younger men. By calling a woman a cougar we are implying she is a predator, and while I’m sure some of us love the pursuit, the action is not strictly age or genre related. And frankly, men have always been involved with women half their age and no one calls them names.

I could write about historical female figures involved with younger men. However, there is no need to look into the past; there are plenty of wonderful examples in our everyday life. Women we respect and admire. Women in public view, talked about for everything but their love life. That’s because they keep their private life private, the way it should be. Maybe all these so called celebrity cougars are flaunting their love life so we won’t notice how little else they have worth shouting about. There are of course, exceptions. I have a client who is twice the age of her husband and they have been happily married for many years. No, he did not marry her for her money, he is the bread winner.

I’m not sure if this a sign that we, the women, have conquered a new uncharted territory or we have decided to let the public take a peek behind doors we usually keep shut.


Local author and realtor Maria Grazia Swan decided a long time ago that aging gracefully wasn’t her thing. She is open to new experiences and products touching all aspects of life, from body to soul, from head to toes. She’s also happy to share her successes and mistakes with anyone asking. For more information, visit mariagrazia.tv or email her at mariagswan@gmail.com.

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