Carefree Kiwanis Planning New Facility

New home for Flea Markets

KiwanisClubofCarefreeBy Curtis Riggs ~ The Kiwanis Club of Carefree is now in the planning and fund-raising stage for a 9,700-square-foot building near the Cave Creek/Carefree border. Kiwanis Flea Markets and other events for the organization will be held in the new building, which is required to move from its present location in coming years. The board of directors recently voted to donate $500,000 to the building fund as seed money. Carefree Kiwanis president Toby Payne stressed that Kiwanis Flea Markets could end by 2018 if there is no new building because of the 20-year lease agreement ending with the town.

“The big thing is to build the building fund up quick so we can get this project off the ground and get going,” he adds.

The building is expected to cost between $1.3 and $1.6 million. A committee has been formed to work on plans and projections for the building. A building campaign is expected to start this year.  | CST

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