Lovebirds in Paradise


By Jess Moran ~ It’s officially spring, and along with blooming wildflowers, Valley residents may discover a little extra color around their neighborhood – bright and beautiful lovebirds.

The tiny parrots, like most Arizonans, hail from other places (Africa for the little birds) but have settled comfortably around Phoenix. Greg Clark, of Wild at Heart, says the rosy-faced lovebirds were “released in large numbers in North Phoenix in the 1980’s and that was one of the founding populations.

“A monsoon storm destroyed an aviary in Apache Junction, also in the 80’s, and a large number were also released creating a separate founding population,” says Clark.

They’re now thriving in the African-like desert here, with numbers potentially in the tens of thousands, from Cave Creek to Paradise Valley and beyond, seemingly without any negative effect on the native bird and insect population. Residents seem to love splash of color the birds add to the scenery. Residents can report sightings to, allowing Clark a bird’s eye view, if you will, of the entire love bird population.

As for enthusiasts looking for a pet, Clark says to leave the wild lovebirds alone and find a reputable breeder. For seasoned bird-watchers as well as unsuspecting observers, the love birds offer quirky charm to the Greater Phoenix area. For more information, visit  | CST


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