Cave Creek’s Vibrant Music Scene

Pandy Raye, one of Cave Creek’s longtime local concert promoters and musician with Rondavous.

Pandy Raye, one of Cave Creek’s longtime local concert promoters and musician with Rondavous.

Talented musicians take the stage throughout town

Part one of two-part series

By Curtis Riggs ~ Cave Creek has always been the cool and funky kind of small town that has attracted musicians and music lovers over the years. Today, live music can be heard in Cave Creek at least five nights a week. From acoustic to electric, the sounds range from pulsating rock and country at Harold’s – to blues and bluegrass at the nearby Janey’s Coffeehouse and Bordega. Music is alive and well here with a wealth of talented musicians. Longtime Valley band leader, musician and concert series promoter Pandy Raye says the Cave Creek music scene simply has a different feel to it than other Arizona communities.

“Musicians are like family up here,” says Raye, co-founder of the well known band Rondavous, which played venues all over Cave Creek for many years.

To her, there is “something comfortable” about playing in Cave Creek. She talks about how venues like Janey’s and The Grotto support local songwriters when discussing why musicians feel so at home in Cave Creek. The Open Mike Nights, which have been moved to the Horny Toad, are another way the community reaches out to up-and-coming players, she says. Raye, along with local pickers Hat Man Dan and Mad Coyote Joe run an electric open mike at the Toad on Sunday afternoons and an acoustic one there on Wednesday evenings. To Raye, the difference between Cave Creek and other towns with many music options is the way each venue is just around the corner from the other one in Cave Creek.

“Cave Creek has so much music in such a small area and that’s what also makes it special,” she adds.

Part II will examine how the music scene has changed in Cave Creek over the years and where it’s headed.


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