When It Hurts – Try A Blossom, A Puppy And A Sunrise

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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

“It hurts.”

“I’m sad.”

“Where is God while I’m in trouble?”

Familiar sentiments? Familiar question? For these there are no easy answers, but there are answers.

Many of us find times troubling; familial issues overpowering; personal problems huge. So what do we do? Some will try to use over-the-counter cures; e.g., alcohol, drugs, herbs. Some will try meditation on a mountaintop. Others will flee their familiar surroundings to pursue elusive answers elsewhere.

With so much to deal with these days, so many complex issues facing each of us, concerns about ourselves and our families, the kids, a job, taxes…relief needs to be closer at hand and less costly. What do I do? Where can I go for help? How do I resolve these things?

Truly, there is not one answer for all; no one key to wresting the problem from us. There are multiple directions for assistance. Foremost, if the issue is life-critical, call 9-1-1.

If the concern is not life-and-death, but oppressive enough to warrant outside assistance, go there, seek help from a religious congregation, a support group listed in the newspaper, a community agency.

When you’re ready to personally deal with your problem, try looking close-up at a flower, watch the neighborhood puppy pounce around, experience a sunrise or sunset. Maybe find a subject that interests you and pursue it. Become active in a project that takes you away from your daily pain and energizes your grey matter. March (this is the right month, isn’t it?) toward a new focus; go in a different direction; move yourself forward into a fresh opportunity.

Yes, sometimes it does hurt…temporarily.

True, we can all be sad…for a while.

God can be found where we let God in…in a blossom, a puppy or a sunrise.

Take care.

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