Baby Vulture Steals Show At Wild At Heart

vultureBy Curtis Riggs – One of the newest additions at Wild At Heart, a local raptor rescue organization, is a turkey vulture named Mojo who’s already captured the hearts of all who see him.

Wild At Heart owners Bob and Sam Fox are so taken with the personality and antics of the young vulture they intend to make him a focal point of their school education programs. They want to help change the perception about turkey vultures being vile and dirty, and stress that the birds are clean, very social and perform an important functions in nature.

Mojo was hatched at Wild At Heart after two hikers found two large eggs. Mojo cannot be released into the wild now because he has ‘imprinted’ on humans. The imprinting is what has led to Mojo’s popularity, however. He considers the humans his flock and shows his happiness whenever he sees them. While Bob Fox calls Mojo a real crowd pleaser – Sam Fox says he is a real charmer. |CST

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