Monitor Your Thoughts And Create A Great Year

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By Bonnie Moehle –

Would you like to change your behaviors and experiences this year?  Start with self-awareness and monitoring your thoughts.  What you think about drives your perceptions, your behaviors, the choices you make and the outcomes in your life.  By monitoring your thoughts and being diligent about only entertaining thoughts that agree with your desires, you can change your reactions, behaviors and experiences.

Here are some examples of how your thoughts create your experiences.  If you believe that whatever can go wrong will, then you will not only notice only the “wrong” things that happen, but you will also behave in ways that lead you further down that path.

If you always think that people are out to get you, then when you walk into a store and a salesperson approaches you, your perception is that the salesperson is threatening.  You then become defensive and he or she responds to you accordingly, thus proving your original thought – people are out to get you.  However, if your dominant thought is that you are a good person and people like you and treat you well, then that is what you will see and experience.  What you think about becomes your reality.

The difficulty is in changing the thoughts.  Many clients have told me that they feel as if they are lying to themselves when they change their thoughts.  I like to think of it like this: every thought is a seed.  If you want to grow marigolds you have to plant marigold seeds.  If you plant petunia seeds you will not get marigolds.  Pay attention to the seeds you are planting, as they grow into realities.  Watch your thoughts this year.  If they oppose what you want for your life then plant a new seed and watch how your perceptions, behaviors and outcomes change to match the seeds you plant.

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