From Tumult Toward Thoughtfulness

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By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz –

The tumult has concluded. “The Season” is over. Thanksgiving fully consumed. Football games winding down toward playoffs. A New Year has arrived, 2013 C.E.

The calendar is quiet, for now. But how shall we fill those blank pages with positive opportunities? What good shall we do THIS year? When will our thoughts motivate our bodies into action? And, what will make this newest year a better one than last?

First, plan. Take some time and think about what needs to be accomplished – for yourself, for your family, our community, the planet.

Then, let your mind wander as you ease yourself into a comfortable position to daydream. Just as children need time to think beyond themselves, so do adults.

Next, focus on one or two (maybe three if you are adventurous) thoughts from the ether and begin to formulate ideas. Can I make this real? Is this concept important enough to bring to life?

Follow that by adding layers to the ideas. Think about the effect of their reality, the impact of those suggestions and the variety of ways to involve others. Begin slowly to move from pie-in-the-sky ideas to down-to-earth lists of practical actions.

Finally, flesh out the single ideas and start piling on additional and related concepts. Now you are beginning to develop a plan. And this conceptualization-to-action-process can work for you, your family or anyone/thing beyond where you now sit.

Remember: don’t stop with the short-term, that’s only a starting point. Look down the avenue, across the city, beyond the capitol. See if your ideas have veracity there. Often a concept for something nearby can be applied to a distant need.

This newest year can provide us with enormously rich opportunities, important chances for doing good and multiple venues in which to grow ideas into positive realities.

May you have a quiet and thought-filled 2013.


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