Fearless After Fifty: Traveling Solo

By Maria Grazia Swan –

Travel is one of my favorite ways to escape. Lately, I’ve been more safety conscious about traveling alone and have adjusted my habits accordingly. There are still fun places that, with planning, can be safe to visit solo.

Las Vegas, for one. Choose a centrally located hotel on the strip near Fashion Show Mall. A hotel with access to the monorail allows easy movement from one casino to the next without wandering along the sidewalk at night. The single traveler should consider stepping out onto the Strip only during daylight hours. For locations away from Las Vegas Boulevard, take a taxi and be sure one is available for the return ride. If arriving by car, leave it with the hotel valet and don’t use it again until time to leave.

If the desert isn’t your idea of R&R, California beach towns offer an alternative. Family beaches can be a way to join a crowd vicariously. On such a beach, someone relaxing on a lounge chair won’t attract nefarious characters. Those types seem to prefer tourist spots. Capistrano Beach is one of my favorites. El Capitan State Beach in Santa Barbara is a terrific sandy spot with mostly kids and pooches.

For travel abroad, consider old-world countries like France and Italy, which tend to feel more secure, Spain less so.

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Wishing you a great 2013!

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